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We are pleased to confirm you as one of our food and drinks vendors at Into the Trees 2021. Please read the information and terms & conditions below carefully before submitting the form at the bottom of this page.



Into The Trees takes families on a fascinating journey through one of the South East’s most unique landscapes. A rare chance to relax and actively explore our natural surroundings.

A host of sports, arts and nature activities from the team behind the award winning Elderflower Fields offer the perfect way to spend time together. Into The Trees is a new type of family festival with a focus on relaxation and new experiences in harmony with nature.

Pippingford Park is an enchanting protected ancient woodland in the heart of the Ashdown Forest and Into The Trees brings you together with experts and activities from the outdoors world to inspire guests of all ages. A chance for families to camp, explore and take part in a host of woodland based arts, sport and environmental activities from mountain boarding to making mud pies, kayaking to tree climbing there is something for everyone.

The So Sussex formula of adventure, discovery and inspiration continues to encourages families to spend time outdoors together and discover the wonder of nature.


Into The Trees is the sister event of Elderflower Fields – a small, independent festival created in 2012 by a team of friends under the​ So Sussex​ umbrella. Both events are set within stunning private woodland of Pippingford Park.

So Sussex offer people a range of enjoyable, educational and fun outdoor experiences in the Sussex countryside to develop people’s understanding and appreciation of our local environment. Working in partnership with like minded local organisations and a range of wonderfully talented, enthusiastic and professional individuals, the team deliver amazing outdoor experiences including the successful Schools Without Walls programme. Elderflower Fields and Into The Trees are the first two festivals brought to you by So Sussex, with exciting plans to launch further events encouraging kids and their families to spend more time outdoors.

Our ambition is to create a wealth of great activities for children and families to take part in with organisations who love what they do and to inspire people beyond the festivals.


Into the Trees will take place on 10th – 12th September 2021 at Pippingford Park, Nutley, TN22 3HW.

The event is open to day ticket holders between 10:00 and 17:00 on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th September. We also offer weekend camping tickets. Weekend ticket holders will be able to come onto site on Friday 10th from 14:00 and stay until 17:00 on Sunday. Tickets are available to purchase in advance from our website as well as on the gate on the day. There are several ticket tiers so please see the website for full details of prices.

We are hoping to sell between 1800 and 2000 tickets per day, and sales are going well, but this is difficult to predict as sales on the day can be weather dependent.  We regret we cannot guarantee number of customers and we hope you are happy to join us on this journey and be part of developing this event.

In addition to ticket holders we predict there will be around 200 additional people on site during the weekend including activity providers, exhibitors and traders, So Sussex staff and their family members, volunteers, contractors etc.

Vendors can set up between 09:00 and 17:00 on Thursday 09th September or 09:00 and 12:00 on Friday 10th September unless otherwise agreed. Your stall must be fully set up for a safety inspection by 12:00 at the very latest on Friday 13th. Your stall must not be taken down before 17:30 on Sunday 12th September. All stalls must be completely removed from site and pitches clean, by 17:00 on Monday 13th September at the latest.

No vehicles are allowed on the festival site after the event opens unless they are essential for serving, re-stocking or storing food. Vehicles can be taken onto the site and up to the pitch prior to the opening of the festival in order to deliver equipment etc. Parking is available just outside the entrance of the festival.

Please note that if you need to re-stock during the festival you will need to provide your own means for this without the use of a vehicle. If a vehicle is absolutely necessary, there will be set times for access early in the morning to the back of house areas. Exact times and the system for booking this will be communicated nearer the time. You will need to obtain and display the correct type vehicle pass. Full information on vehicle access will be provided to you in due course.

If you arrange for equipment or products to be delivered onto site by others during the build phase you must be there to receive these. Into the Trees crew are not able to assist with any deliveries. It is crucial that you make arrangements to fully manage any deliveries yourself.

Please ensure you read our Site Guide and Safety Induction document which will be sent to you prior to the event. You must also ensure you and all your staff members have read this.


We do not charge a pitch fee up front, but you will need to pay a refundable deposit in order to confirm your pitch. The deposit is £150.00 plus VAT and is payable on completing the application form below. We then ask for 20% plus VAT of your total turnover at the end of the event. The deposit will be deducted from what you need to pay after the event, providing you have adhered to the terms and conditions throughout the event. We ask that stall holders provide full z-readings from their tills at the end of the event to enable us to calculate the percentage correctly. 

Please note that we also require a separate Waste Bond of £100.00 in addition to the deposit to ensure that everyone clearly understands that all pitches and the surrounding area need to be left completely clean and clear of all waste generated by your operation. This includes a proper litter sweep (for cut off cable ties, plastic wrappers, small bits of paper, bits of cardboard, food waste etc). This will be refunded within a week after the event or deducted from what you need to pay us after the event. 

We expect all stall holders to accept customer card payments (iZettle or PayPal works well at Pippingford Park). We have learnt from Elderflower Fields that this substantially increases stall holders’ turnover.


Into the Trees will provide a pitch of suitable size for you based on the details provided in the application form. If you have any specific requests about the size or positioning of your pitch, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate them, but we cannot guarantee we are able to meet your request. Please note that Pippingford Park is a hilly site with uneven ground in many places.

Stall holders are fully responsible for providing their own structure, setting it up and making sure their set up looks great, is inviting, safe and easy for the customers to use. Unsuitable or unsafe structures will have to be fixed before opening or the stall holder will be asked to leave. Stall holders are also responsible for making sure the back of their stall is covered/fenced off in a way that is safe in terms of access. It is also important that the stall looks fine from the back and that the area is kept tidy as in some places the backs of a stall may be visible to the public.

We encourage stall holders to provide their own seating and tables as long as the seating is in keeping with the atmosphere of the festival. Please contact if you wish to discuss this. There will also be some dedicated areas around the site where people can eat their food.


Into the Trees will provide electricity if required, and there will be a small additional charge to stall holders for this. This will be £10 for a 16a connection and £20 for a 32a connection.  It is crucial that all stall holders clearly state their  power requirements on their applications. The stall holders will need to provide their own cabling to reach the power supply at the back of their pitch. If you bring more electrical equipment than stated, we cannot guarantee our electrical supply will cover this and you may not be able to use the appliance. All appliances must be PAT tested.

Electricity for stall holders must be provided by Into the Trees. Additional generators are not permitted on site for health and safety and noise reasons.


Into the Trees is responsible for general security during the festival, however the stall holder is solely responsible for security of their own stall, including but not limited to all property, equipment and goods.

It is a condition of booking that all stall holders take responsibility for their own health and safety, and that of the public visiting their stand. Evidence of public and employer’s liability insurance and food hygiene certificate should be available on request and a health and safety risk assessment AND a specific fire risk assessment should be undertaken. All your electrical equipment must be PAT tested and LPG gas appliances must come with a gas safety certificate. Up to date copies of all documentation need to be uploaded with this application.

All food and drink stall holders assume all liability and responsibility for obtaining and displaying all standard operating licenses, including the ones mentioned above. Into the Trees shall not be held liable for a stall holder’s failure to obtain and display required licenses. If the original documents are not provided in advance stall holders will not be allowed to trade and will be asked to leave.

Stall holders agree to supply all necessary services, equipment and information required for the continuous and safe operation of their stall (during the hours that they have stipulated they will be open in their application form) including, but not limited to the following;

• Suitable and safe service counters, tables, chairs etc. to be able to serve the food safely

• Suitable and safe cooking and heating equipment

• At least one fire extinguisher suitable for your activities and based on outcome of your fire risk assessment (new or serviced within the last year with proof of date of service)

• Hand washing/hand drying system according to food hygiene standards (warm water and bowls for hand washing)

• All necessary cooking and serving utensils

• Refrigeration for storage of food in accordance with food hygiene standards

• Equipment for keeping cooked food hot enough in accordance with food hygiene standards

• Probing thermometer for checking temperature and form for noting down the checks

• Water for cooking and hand washing or suitable equipment to carry water from the water points on site (in near proximity to the stalls)

• Suitable and safe cover for your stall

• Clear allergen information and full details of all ingredients of everything on sale from the stall

• First Aid equipment

Into the Trees will not be liable for any loss or damage, consequential or otherwise to any trader’s property or produce.


Food and drink sold at Into the Trees should ideally be locally sourced and we encourage the use of organic and Fair Trade products. Plates, cutlery and drink cups should be reusable by preference or compostable if not and stall holders agree to reuse and recycle as much as they possibly can of the waste generated by their business during the festival.

No traders will be permitted to sell single use disposable water bottles. Drinking water taps are readily available throughout the site and festival goers are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles. We also ban all straws (with the exception of those part of a juice carton) due to the amount of litter left on the ground after each event in the past.

All stall holders agree to conduct all business within the space allotted in an orderly manner; to deposit all rubbish in designated areas and to keep the area within and surrounding their concession free from all debris. Stall holders must, at their own expense, keep their concession space and adjacent areas clean and provide a general waste bin and recycling bins for their customers directly in front of their stalls.

All stall holders must demonstrate their commitment to minimising waste and to reusing and recycling where possible. You should provide a suitable means for members of your staff to do this easily by having your own recycling bins behind your stall.

Like most festivals, we have a no glass on site policy for front of house areas and stall holders must not hand out glass bottles to the festival goers. Stall holders may have products in glass bottles behind the stall and transfer these into reusable or compostable cups, with the exception of the Bar which will be required to use our multi use cups.  All glass must be recycled and moved to the recycling areas by the stall holder. The glass must be stored properly and safely in a suitable way so it can be moved easily without breaking.

All waste and recycling produced by the stall holders must be bagged up properly in suitable bin bags strong enough for the type and amount of waste. Stall holders are fully responsible for transferring all their waste to the main waste and recycling area and the bins provided by the organisers. No waste at all must be left at your pitch at the end of the festival and the pitch and the immediate surrounding area should be properly litter swept. If any waste whatsoever is left at your pitch or if it is not bagged up properly your £100.00 Waste Bond will not be refunded.


Into the Trees will provide up to eight trade passes per stall holder. A trade pass includes; entry to the festival and overnight camping in the crew camping areas. We need to know in advance how many members of staff you will need and who will be staying overnight. You will need to provide us with a list of full names of all your members of staff via Eventree, well in advance of the event. We need to know how many staff members are bringing camper vans or caravans so we can allocate a suitable camper van pitch.

Stall holders are responsible for ensuring that all their staff wear their wristbands at all times. Lost wristbands will not be reissued. Staff without wristbands will not be permitted onto the site.

Stall holders are responsible for ensuring that all of their staff members are welcoming, friendly, professional and honest. As Into the Trees is a family festival it is, in addition, essential that staff are able to relate positively to children.

We are keen to support small, family run ventures and if you are a family run business you will be able to bring your own children along for free. We regret we are not be able to offer any free festival tickets to your staff members’ partners or children.

If you are running a bar, you must ensure that all your staff members are fully aware of the terms of the TEN and licensing law. All your staff members must be committed to the Challenge 25 Policy. They must check IDs and ensure no alcohol is ever served to anyone under aged. A list of refusals needs to be kept and produced upon request.

If you have any queries about the application process, please contact the Food and Drink manager by email at [email protected]

If you have read and agree to the terms detailed above, please return to your Eventree link to complete your application.

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